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Arthurian Tales: Ambrosius Aureliani by Leon Mintz

Ambrosius Aureliani is the first novel in a four-book series called Arthurian Tales. The enigmatic figure, Merlin, narrates the entire series.

Ambrosius Aureliani is a tapestry of facts and fables woven together from the words of Gildas, Nennius and Geoffrey of Monmouth. The story unfolds in the fifth century as the rule of Rome begins to crumble.

Ambrosius Aureliani begins with the kidnapping of Theodosius, the son of King Adaulphus and Princess Placidia. Merlinus takes their son to Britain and leaves him there to be raised as a boy named Ambrosius. Years later after being driven off the island, Ambrosius finds refuge at Merlinus’ Gallic villa near Aureliani. With Bishop Germanus of Auxerre, they return to Britain and battle Vortigern and his Saxon army. The saga continues and so does the life and death struggle of King Arthur’s legendary uncle.




Arthurian Tales: Ambrosius Aureliani
13-ISBN: 9780971782853
10-ISBN: 0971782857
LCCN: 2010934064
Soft-cover, p. 352

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CURRENT REVIEWS and The Library Thing - March 2011
David Larkin

If you're looking for swooning maidens and the trappings of medieval romance, this probably isn't the Arthur series for you. But if you're looking for a little light shown into this murkiest period of history, you'll enjoy reading about how it may have happened. I'm looking forward to the next volume.

TCM Reviews - January 2011
John R. Clark

Leon Mintz has done his homework in terms of scholarship, and it shows throughout the book. The settings, religious friction, politics and the culture readers will experience as they read this first of a possible quartet, all are realistically portrayed and help create a mental world which was quite easy for me to slide into as I read the story. This is a good book for lovers of historical fiction, fans of the early medieval period and will certainly appeal to teens who like meaty read. It will be a nice addition to our historical fiction collection at the Hartland Public Library.

Midwest Book Review - January 2011

The Arthurian legends are not about Arthur alone. Ambrosius Aureliani tells the story of King Arthur's uncle who has his own epic of the British isles to tell, of his own struggles for justice. For those with a love for fantasy and Arthurian lore, Ambrosius Aureliani is certainly a choice pick with plenty to entice readers to read further.

ForeWord Clarion Review - November 2010
Julia Ann Charpentier

Though the book stands on its own, this tale has all the attributes of a prolonged saga with treacherous battles and territorial disputes. The scenes are filled with action and intrigue, usually gripping in their intensity.

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